CBD, CBN, CBG, and their weird cousin THC walk into a hemp expo…

Midwest Hemp Expo 2020

HEMPSHOW is an episodic variety program that featuring expert hosts, world renowned guests, plus entertaining educational fun facts each week.

HEMPSHOW: Season 1 scheduled to appear:
Episode 1: Dr Allan Jenkins (University of Nebraska)
Episode 2: Dr Andrea Holmes (Doane University)
Episode 3: Nebraska State Senators (TBD)
Episode 4: Alex and Tom Schwarz (Schwarz Family Farm)
Episode 5: Midwest Hemp Expo (Panel Highlights)
Episode 6: Dr Arin Sutlief (CTL Nebraska)
Episode 7: Dr Ismail Dweikat (University of Nebraska)
Episode 8: Andrew Bish (Bish Enterprises)
Episode 9: Lisa Kovanda (Screenwriter and Activist)
Episode 10: Special Musical Guest

Watch the teaser here now, pilot episode debuting soon!


HEMPSHOW is an entertaining ongoing insight into Nebraska farmers rebooting the unstoppable commodity which is HEMP. Follow VIZZYNESS and crew through science and economics of the 21st Century’s most versatile wonder plant. See how various strains of hemp are nurtured into food, fiber, and medicine.

From equipment, to farming, production, harvesting, and industrial application, it’s an understatement to say that hemp is a prolific crop. HEMPSHOW follows Nebraska farmers, college professors, and others navigating the industry around this newly legalized and tenacious plant that just can’t stop growing here. 

Via first hand accounts, we gain perspective from those in scientific research, farming, harvesting, and industrial application. Dr. Allan Jenkins, an economics professor at University of Nebraska – Kearney hosts this weekly docu-series. Jenkins grew up around hemp on his family farm and has been an advocate for its legalization, seeing its earning potential. Jenkins is a key player here in elucidating the importance of this crop. Through a series of interviews and on location filming, HEMPSHOW will shed light on this controversial plant as its rather abstract legal standing continues to find established common ground.

Next, we visit the Schwarz Family Farm to see the staff getting their hands dirty and educating us on the finer esoteric details on the actual planting and cultivation.  Their family farm specializes in organic tomatoes, so the hemp industry was a logical next leap. Alex and Tom Schwarz share their first year experiences in farming organic hemp. 


Sweeping through the fields themselves, we get up close and personal visuals of this ubiquitous plant’s physical growth. Guiding the science in this series are global experts such as Dr. Andrea Holmes. In addition to being a Professor of Chemistry at Doane University, Holmes is also the Chief Growth Officer of Precision Plant Molecules in Denver, Colorado. Through Precision Plant Molecules, Holmes has made great and inventive strides in propagating the hemp industry. 

Producers | Rhett McClure | Jake Hull | Brody Gordon

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